21 August 2010

MMO's: the difference between inspiration and recycling.

Players are divided in a dramatic way when it comes to MMO's. Some hate clones, others don't understand what they hate, and others simply love more of the same. Let's try to mason a bridge between them, after the jump(hehe... ehm).

1 August 2010

Interaction: the trial of Choices & Consequences.

I'm going to pass this essential element of videogames under the inquisitorial eye of interaction, this great arbiter.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Please Save Us From Ourselves

Everyone mentions classes and combat but who knows the actual mechanics? They seem to assume everything works the usual WoW way. A linear sequence of quests until level-cap. Then dungeon raids to loot the coolest gear before others. And call them noobs.

Antithesis: commercial casual games or virtual worlds. MMO's

I'm empathically inspectng the minds of online game-developers to understand why they all make such lousy products, why they treat players like children to be babysitted... what are their contradicting scopes + the marketing needs etc.

The reason why videogames such as Diablo are not RPG's.

This is an attempt at a better definition of a Roleplaying-game, with the usual benevolent help of the Universal Metre of Interaction... then we find out why Blizzard's take on Gauntlet is not an RPG, as a proof that the system works.

Story, art and morality against interaction.

From time to time journalists ask themselves and their interviewed persons about the relation between videogames and the elements that belong to the older media. Lack of mental flexibility and good sense. Let's see why and what we can do about it.

MMOs: explaining the cloning.

At first there was a happy chaos in the persistant world primordial soup. Then something eerie happened. The antichrist came and enslaved us into a monstrous static shape.

Why separate gameplay elements? Unity is the way to progress.

There's too much conflict between the action part and the musing part of a game. We need a concept that reconciles both. Critics to Left4Dead follow. This is a lengthy reply to "Opinion: Forget 'Combat Mode Engaged'" article.

Definition of Interaction.

In the midst of the chaos among problem-solving, entertainment, story and everything else concerning game design and its evaluation, this tries to be a clearer point of view that targets the essence of videogaming and magnifies it to change mindsets.

Reviewing a game: A problem of trust and clarity.

Review is the tool through which interaction declares its sovereignty. It's the magic moment where you establish a common ground where two persons' views are re-conciled beneath the same ruler. What follows is the steps to what i deem an impartial review.


In this post I underline the main purpose of interaction and declare the content of the entries.

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