15 October 2017

Immersive simulations: the final frontier?

The whole point of conceiving and using a metre of interaction is to quantify how many factors we consider when we do an action inside an interactable story. Characters, objects, the world taken as a whole, the story and the intrigue, everything can be interactable. Each element belongs to a field of knowledge: from physics and mathematics, to logics, literature, philosophy, ethics. Each of these fields also happens to belong to a genre of videogames. Physics is the reign of Action games, but so is mathematics, although there's also roleplaying games, sharing the same reign; logics are in adventure puzzle games, so on and so forth.

Is it legitimate to ask for a single empire to rule all?

31 March 2014

Genres: the quarantine.

When videogames were divided into genres (when it happened i wouldn't know) their characteristics became homogeneous. The standards for each of the genres crystallized and were followed up to now like commandments. Is this inevitable? Was something of the old times lost? Maybe the innocence, the wild and primitive freedom of pioneering?

18 September 2011

Syndicate, Interaction and Time.

A reply to Starbreeze's game director Neil McEwan's defence of their upcoming Syndicate themed game

20 April 2011

Gameplay-story. The new Alliance. Yet another blog about it.

Noone wants to solve the division. There IS a conflict, you have accept it, you can't do anything. We aren't strong enough to bring peace and harmony. One either plays a game or spectates a story. Pitfall and The Godfather don't mix.
A few persons graze a solution, but they fall back to their personal anecdotes and common places. It won't do.

16 April 2011

Defocusing puzzle adventures and Jane Jensen's Gray Matter

What a heavy heritage recent adventures have to take on, that of Lucasfilm cult games. But someone didn't agree with that scheme, back then.

Quests and MMO's: paradox city

Apparently almost every MMO to name in the last years features quests taken from NPCs: As far as i know World of Warcraft was the first one to make extensive use of them. The staff must have played Dark Age of Camelot and noticed how terrible levelling was, and i agree, i played it, couldn't stomach it, i left.

21 August 2010

MMO's: the difference between inspiration and recycling.

Players are divided in a dramatic way when it comes to MMO's. Some hate clones, others don't understand what they hate, and others simply love more of the same. Let's try to mason a bridge between them, after the jump(hehe... ehm).

1 August 2010

Interaction: the trial of Choices & Consequences.

I'm going to pass this essential element of videogames under the inquisitorial eye of interaction, this great arbiter.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Please Save Us From Ourselves

Everyone mentions classes and combat but who knows the actual mechanics? They seem to assume everything works the usual WoW way. A linear sequence of quests until level-cap. Then dungeon raids to loot the coolest gear before others. And call them noobs.

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