Genres: the quarantine.

When videogames were divided into genres (when it happened i wouldn't know) their characteristics became homogeneous. The standards for each of the genres crystallized and were followed up to now like commandments. Is this inevitable? Was something of the old times lost? Maybe the innocence, the wild and primitive freedom of pioneering?
Point is, if i ask for a game with a wider, freer spectrum of content, loose and rich, a game where there's a character who does NOT only do TWO actions (killing and talking) there's always someone saying "but it's not a, say, rpg, it's a shooter" or "it's not a puzzle game, it's an RPG".

It makes sense; you know, like that common sense that instantly fits into your brain like a monolith of established proverbialism: there are genres, they are meant to stay pure, each game gives exactly what is meant to give, so you're happy because you have everything you want in one game that's pure. Genres are meant to stay true to their core concept, no reason getting dirty, no melting pot, no enrichment, no evolution, no freedom, no union, just purity of race and separatism. It's horrible, i think.

But it does makes sense! You get what you want depending on what type of game you feel like playing TODAY. You want something else, you click on that category in your steam or gog. Good. So every game has to remain what it is, forever. Because everything is what it is and it's meant to remain the way it is, nothing changes, yeah America can change, maybe, but games CAN'T. No evolution, no freedom.

We did this game twice now, we just followed the common sense and it took us directly to the negation of freedom. I'm sorry for playing a bit with psychology. Ít's sort of a Freudian game that challenges things that really FEEL right in your guts but if you discuss them they crumble.

How do you feel Do genres STILL make sense? 

Genres are good but they will evolve if they can mix with other genres: these infiltrations will improve the said genre, make us discover new things about it: they're very very bad, though, when a player glues his mind to its traditional standards, because it prevents enrichment. If a game has to stick to puristic traditions, we'll never have evolution and those games will always take us back to their unintelligent pre-historic roots of the arcades.

You want a proof of this golden-age thinking? Try the "shadow of the beast" series by Psygnosis.

Bye now.


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