20 April 2011

Gameplay-story. The new Alliance. Yet another blog about it.

Noone wants to solve the division. There IS a conflict, you have accept it, you can't do anything. We aren't strong enough to bring peace and harmony. One either plays a game or spectates a story. Pitfall and The Godfather don't mix.
A few persons graze a solution, but they fall back to their personal anecdotes and common places. It won't do.

16 April 2011

Defocusing puzzle adventures and Jane Jensen's Gray Matter

What a heavy heritage recent adventures have to take on, that of Lucasfilm cult games. But someone didn't agree with that scheme, back then.

Quests and MMO's: paradox city

Apparently almost every MMO to name in the last years features quests taken from NPCs: As far as i know World of Warcraft was the first one to make extensive use of them. The staff must have played Dark Age of Camelot and noticed how terrible levelling was, and i agree, i played it, couldn't stomach it, i left.

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