1 August 2010


In this post I underline the main purpose of interaction and declare the content of the entries.

I believe any videogame today is to be judged by the quality of its 'interaction'.

In the following entries I'm defining interaction, establishing a base framework for a review centred around the main element, and analyze any work in the intention of breaking it down for everyone in order to see it in its inmost essence.
The goal of this method of criticism is to discriminate and realize, at last, the deficiencies of many products and decree the imperative of depth in videogames, simply highlighting interaction as a standalone element, isolated from the less important parts of videogames, give interaction the place it's due since probably Aristotles came up with it.

*In addition to the attempt of describing and evaluate any videogame by this criteria, collateral considerations will present as we go on in this journey, interspersed among the core of the topics, such as videogaming history to mark the media's evolution and provide a wider perspective, theories about criticism, ideas for vg design and miscellaneous philosophical ranting.

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